Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I open the Guidebook and Accreditation Program?

To access the Guidebook and Accreditation Program, insert Disc D into your computer's disc player.

On a PC computer, go to the "Start" button and choose "My Computer." You will be able to directly access the DVD by right-clicking on the "bio101", "chem101", or "phy101" file depending on which film you have, and selecting "Open" from the drop-down menu. From there, you can open, print, or save the files as needed.

If you prefer, you can also take Disc D to a print store like Kinko's or Staples and have them print, spiral bind, and add a clear cover for a fee. If you encounter any issues, we can send the files via email or you can purchase the printed materials from our store.

Q: Does the 101 series have labs?

Yes, you will find labs in the Accreditation Program for each curriculum.

Most labs require items that can be easily found in your local store or around the house. We intentionally avoided filming any scenes in a laboratory or with people in white lab coats as we felt that this could create an unnecessary distance between science and students. As a result, nearly every lab and experiment can be conducted with materials that are readily available.

Table of Features

Q: Do these films count for high school credit?

A single credit typically represents approximately 130 hours of study time on a given subject. To align with the family-friendly and accessible vision of the 101 series, we have developed a Guidebook and a Course Accreditation Program for each film. These resources offer a fun and easy approach to help families complete the required hours of study for earning credits.

The majority of our users find our films to be completely satisfying in terms of content and teaching style. For those who complete the recommended 130 hours of study, the content provided is more than sufficient to meet a single credit requirement.


As the 101 series is primarily designed for homeschooling families, there is no official institution that accredits homeschooling programs unless you have joined an organization such as a public or private school. However, the criteria for earning credits are similar; credits are based on successfully completing a set number of study hours and demonstrating an understanding of the material, usually through tests. If you do not have a sample copy of the Accreditation Program, please let us know and we will be happy to email you a sample to review.

The important thing

The 101 series was created with the whole family in mind, providing an engaging introduction to the sciences. The Accreditation Programs contain more material than is necessary to complete every two weeks, giving families the flexibility to customize the curriculum to their needs. You can adjust the content to fit your schedule and interests, and keep track of your study time from the moment you start, whether it's going to the store to buy materials or sitting down to work. Many of the labs will go quicker and some will take longer. The important thing is to enjoy the learning process.

Q: What is the required level of math?

We intentionally limit the use of math in the courses to ensure that both students and parents can fully enjoy the science content. The focus was on highlighting the fascinating aspects of science, while leaving the more challenging mathematical concepts for later study if desired.

Balancing simple equations is the most math-intensive topic covered in the films, and we also introduce the concept of the mole, its development, and its practical applications.

Q: How long do I have streaming access?

If you purchase access to the streaming version of the 101 series you will have streaming access granted for three years from the date of purchase. If you need access beyond that date, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Q: Can the 101 series be used in a co-op?

We are happy to accommodate co-ops who use our films, and to make things easier, we have included copyright releases in the front of each Guidebook and Accreditation Program. This allows you to make as many copies as you need for your family or co-op class.

Q: Will this prepare a student for academic testing?

When used with the Accreditation Program, our films provide students with over 130 hours of engaging and memorable course material that can help prepare them for academic achievement testing.

Most people who use our films find the content to be completely satisfying, and those who complete the 130 hours of study find it to be more than enough to help them pass academic tests.

Q: What are your credentials to make science films?

From Wes:

Here is the short answer: I find and hire technical experts in the field, submit the script and films to them then make all the changes until they are satisfied that the content is scientifically accurate.

Here is the long answer: My expertise is in film making and in taking complex information and making it interesting and understandable. Unfortunately, most technical experts in the field don't have those skills and those with the skills aren't technical experts.

As one song writer said, "Those who know don't have the words to tell and the ones with the words don't know too well." My job then, is to research difficult areas, write scripts and screenplays, and then submit the film and script to technical experts to ensure the data is scientifically accurate. However, finding experts who are willing to work on a project like this for 18 months is not always easy.

Since General Science 101 is an introduction to all the sciences, I sought either a Ph.D. in the field or a competent scientist or technician to review each of the segments and offer feedback on the accuracy of its contents.

After reaching out to a biologist at the Institute for Creation Research, they agreed to review and offer technical advice for Biology 101.

For Chemistry 101, I found a chemist with extensive experience teaching both high school and university-level chemistry. This chemist is also the author of several popular textbooks on chemistry and organic chemistry.

To create Physics 101, two physicists with PhDs worked with me. One of them is the Chairman of the Physics Department at an eastern university, and the other has a doctorate in mathematical physics.

Q: What is your Return Policy?

We aim for your satisfaction with your purchase. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, you may return the product (in good condition) to us for a refund.

Please note that a $5.00 restocking/service fee is charged on all products, including streaming purchases, to cover original transaction and shipping fees.

As we cover the postage for shipping orders, it is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange for the return of products.

To ensure prompt and efficient processing of your return, please include a copy of your order or your full name, along with any email correspondence, notes, or requests (be as specific as possible), and send them to the address below:

Westfield Studios
c/o Tammy Olson
P.O. Box 924
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If you have any other questions feel free to contact us!