So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do,
do it all for the glory of God. - 1 Corinthians 10:31

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Westfield Studios

Westfield Studios was founded by Wes and Tammy Olson in 2004 at the inception of the 101 series. Tammy had been in search of a high school biology curriculum but was unable to find something that fit her children's learning style on the current curriculum market. Wes stepped up; with his 15 years of corporate film production experience, natural love of science, and with Tammy by his side they set out to create what is now, the 101 series.

the 101 series

The objective of the 101 series is to glorify God by providing easy to use, understandable and visually rich high school-level home school curriculum from a biblical perspective. The series includes Biology 101, Chemistry 101 and Physics 101. The next film in the series is General Science 101 and is in production; with an expected release date of Fall/Winter of 2021.

These DVDs are currently sold on this website by Westfield Studios as well as many nationally recognized retail stores. For a list of our retailers visit this page.

We also offer the 101 series on a paid video streaming service for those who enjoy or prefer an online learning experience. If you are interested you can visit our streaming curriculum site!

Wes and Tammy Olson in 2019

The Olson Family

Wes and Tammy Olson have four children (all homeschooled): Lucas, Micah, Rebekah and Hannah. Wes and Tammy are committed to serving God and having a family that glorifies Him in the ways they interact, work, play and live. They recognize the importance of a good marriage to the health of their family as a whole. They have two firm dates: every day they spend an hour walking together, discussing what's happening in their lives, their children's lives, spiritual issues, and the future. Also once a month, on the "anniversary day" of their marriage, they have a date to celebrate their love and commitment to each other.

Wes Olson in 2019


Wes Olson took an interest in film production way back in the 1970's when video was still recorded on reel-to-reel tapes. He attended the film school at the University of Southern California with the hope of getting into film production. After one semester, his life radically changed. Wes became a Christian, and God took him on a twelve-year "detour." Video production faded far, far away and disappeared over the horizon.

Since becoming a Christian in 1979, Wes has been an avid student of the Bible. Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, he later moved to Portland, Oregon to attend Multnomah Bible College (now Multnomah University) where he graduated in 1984.

In 1991, through a series of unexpected events, Wes began making corporate videos in Portland, Oregon, learning filming, directing, lighting, sound design, and editing. For the next fifteen years, he produced videos for local companies like Boeing and Portland General Electric. Corporate clients especially appreciated his ability to take complex subjects and make them understandable to their audiences.

It had long been a dream of Wes' to take his film making and teaching abilities and use them for the furthering of the kingdom of God. Developing and producing the 101 series has been a way for him to do just that.

Wes and Tammy met while attending Multnomah Bible College and were married the day after graduation, thirty-six years ago. They lived in the Portland, Oregon area until the year 2000 when they moved to Kamiah, Idaho. Kamiah is situated in the beautiful Clearwater River Valley where he continues to fulfill his desire to educate people for the glory of God.

The Olson family in 2018


Tammy Olson is the Marketing Manager for the 101 Series and is the coordinator for business and home activities. She is responsible for making the house run smoothly around the daily life of a home-based business. In her off-time she enjoys gardening and DIY projects.


Lucas Olson married Tessa on June 19, 2010 and they live in Lewiston, Idaho where He works at The Diamond Shop as a Goldsmith and Sales Associate. They have three sons: Malcolm, Marek, Rory and two daughters: Ivy Grace and baby Guinevere.


Micah Olson married Aleah on July 3, 2010, they live in Kooskia, Idaho with their daughters, Lashawna and Kenna. Micah works at Westfield Studios in website development, email marketing, graphic design, video editing and marketing consulting.


Rebekah married Burl Thompson on June 11, 2016. They have a daughter named Scarlet and are working on their recently purchased 20 acres building a home. Burl Works for a local family-owned business.


Hannah Olson works for the local credit union as a full time Customer Service Representative. And is excited for what life has in store.

We are a family just like yours
and we are thrilled to have this opportunity to help so many people
educate the next generation with these easy to use,
biblically sound and scientifically accurate science courses!

God bless you and your household,

Wes P. Olson (signature)