Course Accreditation Program

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Biology 101 Course Accreditation Program

This Course Accreditation Program (for Biology 101) is for those of you who want to use our biology curriculum as a full school year's study course.

This booklet includes directions for each Biology 101 segment. It instructs you what sections to watch and when to watch them; which sections of the Guidebook to read, labs to complete, directions for field trips and many other activities. This will convert your Biology 101 DVD set into a 1 full high school year credit course.


  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" printed on medium weight, white paper
  • Page Count: 12 pages
  • Clear plastic front cover and black plastic back cover

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NOTE: This is included in a printable PDF format on the last disc of each curriculum set regardless whether you purchase printed copies or not.