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"Classic" Periodic Table of the Elements

This full-size Classic Periodic Table of the Elements was designed by Wes Olson and is intended as the companion Periodic Table for the Chemistry 101 course. The poster is 32" x 11" and printed on premium paper. It is a unique way of displaying the entire table of elements in a home-school classroom or bedroom of a science-loving student.

Most tables of this kind have the "Rare Earth Elements" section broken out of their series and dropped down below the other elements, but this can make the table harder to understand and less user-friendly.

Wes has taken the pains to make this Periodic Table of the Elements easy to use and understandable. Your students will love the vibrant colors and special reminder notes on this table that assist in the learning process through their high school chemistry study.

Also unique to this periodic table is a history of how we got the periodic table we have today as well as interesting and fun facts about the table and how to use it.
Girl holding the periodic table of the elements
This Periodic Table of the Elements is intended for use with Chemistry 101 or you can use it as a stand-alone piece of science art!