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What Viewers Are Saying About Physics 101

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"Consistent to their ethic, Wes Olson and family have written and produced, yet, another practically excellent education tool in their latest Physics 101 DVD set. These video series, Biology 101, Chemistry 101 and Physics 101, present not alone the foundational basics of these sciences, but include age appropriate bridging to real life questions, applications and considerations for future innovation, while providing a systematic structure and clear limitations of science. Excellent material for age 10 through adult.

Thank you for these most appreciated tools ! Having a doctorate myself, including a few physics classes, sure wish I'd had this series prior to deriving formulas for semesters on end...

looking forward to your next Westfield Studios production!"

Time to Choose (Amazon Customer)


"I have 2 homeschooled boys, 8 and 11 who love Mr. Olson's videos. We have Biology 101, Chemistry 101 and now the Physics 101. This one is their new favorite. They are watching it over and over which is good because learning comes by repetition. We are constantly on the lookout for good science materials because elementary science education is a joke.

We are both MD and PhDs and our guys love science, so thank you Mr Olson, and can we suggest Molecular Biology, genetics, microbiology? I think this is a great overview for high school level kids as well. Engaging, never boring."



"To Wes and the entire 101 Series Team,
My family just received our pre-ordered copy of Physics 101 yesterday and dove right in. My 14, 11, and 9 year olds were riveted (not to mention my husband and me!). My 6 and 2 year olds were building a fort, which is to be expected!
I want to thank you for producing this course. We love how interesting your films are, and the quality of your work is evident. I can't imagine how much work went into the planning, filming, and post-production of Physics 101. My family wanted you to know that it's all greatly appreciated.
You have life-long customers and we'll gladly purchase any other courses you produce going forward. (We've been enjoying Biology 101 and Chemistry 101 for a while now!) "

Many blessings, Elisabeth


"Ooohhhh, tracking says our copy of physics is in our mailbox!!!!! Midnight run to check the mail, and I have a feeling my teen and I will be pulling an all-nighter!"



"We finished graduating all 4 of our homeschoolers in 2014, but are still so excited to open our Physics 101 today!!! Love your curriculum...even if we're learning "just for fun" now."



"Just want to say "Thank you!!" for all the time and work you are putting into these courses. As a homeschooling mom of 3, I have searched for really good, user-friendly science courses... especially since it is not my strong subject. Most of the ones we've done at high school level have been laborious and dry.
Last year I discovered Chemistry 101 while searching the internet for a new chemistry course for my grade 11 daughter. This year we did the course and included our grade 8 daughter in it (not for credit). It was a delight!!! They so enjoyed doing the labs together and my husband kept wanting to watch it on our family movie night. smile emoticon The variety of settings, bits of humour, and appropriate music make such an effective presentation.
Well done and many cheers for your family! We have been telling our friends about you, too. Next year my grade 9 daughter will do Biology 101. Imagine our delight to discover just now that Physics is on the way! That has been a dreaded subject thus far. I anticipate doing it in a couple years! It is a big answer for our homeschool experience. And we SO appreciate the wholesomeness of the whole thing. Thank you again and may the Lord bless you!"

Homeschooling Mom


"YEE-HAW! Yippee-Skipee! WOW-zer! Can't wait! Thank you! thank you! thank you!"

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