“Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day.”
—Psalms 25:5

Physics 101 Production Crew - 2015

Wes Olson

Wes began the intense research into the science of physics early in 2012. His study brought him into contact with many of the world's foremost physicists and authors as he attempted to build a logical and progressive framework to teach the complicated ideas behind universal mechanics. Hours of dedicated study and weeks of planning were involved in unpacking just one of the many lessons which you will find here in Physics 101. Finally, after burning the candle at both ends for many months, a curriculum and lesson plan was finalized and the script drafted.

Shooting and editing began in January, 2013. Filming was completed with a crew which consisted of Wes and Rebekah. Wes was the on-camera talent, so the positions of camera operator, lighting, continuity and sound were handled by his oldest daughter as they moved from location to location.

Once the filming was finished and the rough footage safe on his desk, Wes then spent the next two years in post production creating visually rich graphics and editing footage into the final product.

After the editing was completed Wes created the Guidebook and Accreditation Booklet to accompany the curriculum.

Rebekah Olson

Rebekah was behind the camera for every shot, responsible for the footage, sound, lighting and continuity. She pulled off the task of filming with aplomb, adapting to her unique job and catching all the memorable moments of Physics 101 on film.

Rebekah traveled to interesting and historically rich locations with Wes for months as they gathered specific on-location shots and worked to bring you this production.

Lucas Olson

Lucas built the music for physics 101, composing each piece carefully and tailoring the emotion to match the feeling of every scene. He has been involved in the composition of the score for the entire 101 series.

Micah Olson

Micah designed the DVD cover and disc artwork. He was responsible for the 101 websites, including all of the graphic design, picture placement and web coding.