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What Viewers Are Saying About Chemistry 101

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"Loving this curriculum. It's entertaining and educational. Many homeschoolers fret about tackling advanced science subjects. Worry no more. This approach provides students with a solid understanding of chemistry in an enjoyable way. Can't wait to order Physics 101 for next year. They also offer Biology 101."


"Chemistry 101 is an amazing program! I am a chemistry major and my husband is a physics major and we were both so relieved to find someone explaining chemistry in a way that makes sense. We were both trained to accept the fact of what an atom is and move on to everything else without much explanation.

Wes Olson comes in and finally has given us a reason to believe it actually makes sense for the model that is taught in regards to an atom because he takes us to the beginning of chemistry and walks us to present day in our understanding.

I use this program as a supplement to our chemistry class at our homeschool co-op. It is a perfect compliment and makes chemistry a lot more fun and interesting. So thankful for Wes's talents to make science so fun! We are so excited to watch the newly released Physics 101!"

Amazon Customer

"Chemistry 101 is both a highly informative and greatly entertaining introduction to the world of chemistry. Comprehensive and exhaustively researched, this series brings to life the fun and wonder of a subject that students traditionally fear."

Ian Guch is an award winning highschool and college
chemistry teacher.

Author of: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Chemistry
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Organic Chemistry
Pocket Guide to Organic Chemistry
The Complete Book of Chemistry Quizzes and Practice Problems


"You did it again Wes!!!  You and your team have made another superb series.  We are watching it right now and we absolutely love it.  My children are mesmerized.  You haven't once lost our attention.  I am sure that everybody that ordered this will be quite pleased.  I will certainly tell others about chemistry 101.  Thank you so much for loving science, for loving Jesus and His Father, for loving your family and for loving us by sharing this with us; and at such an amazing price.  Blessings to you!"

KLM Vashon Island, WA


"We love your new Chemistry program!!!! Got it yesterday, and we began watching all the segments. Your program has taken the boring "ho-hum" out of the subject. I can't thank you enough for lightening my burden of homeschooling highschoolers!"

NS Decatur, TX


"I just wanted to say, “Thank you, thank you!”  We received Chemistry 101 a few days ago and have started our journey through chemistry.  My daughter and I began watching the introduction video, and before the first few minutes had passed we found the entire family in our company, captivated and requesting, on the verge of demanding, that we play the next video.  Never before has the history of chemistry, at least in our home, been so intriguing and understandable. We are looking forward to this journey through chemistry. Thank you!"

LN Boise, ID

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