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What Viewers Are Saying About Biology 101

Our thanks to those who've sent us emails after enjoying
Biology 101! Here are a few comments we've received:

We are using the Biology 101 in school this year and for the first time, my daughter LOVES science. This is the best science curriculum I have ever used in my 10 years of homeschooling!!!! I saw that you were working on the second in the series. I was wondering what subject this would be and when it will be available? I am looking forward to using more of your curriculums in the future!!!! God bless you in your work!

P Miller

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy Biology 101. I purchased it for my two boys in high school, but we all love it…it has become a family affair! Oh, and my 5 year old loves it all, too, and is learning with the rest.

S and D Schrock

Wes Olson has a gift. He can take biology, which at best might bore us, and at worst might frighten us, and show us that which would never bore us, and should always frighten us, the glory of God.

Dr. R C Sproul, Jr., Author and Theologian

This series blends together biblical references, scientific facts, and historical evidences to present God's wonderful creation of life…This course will certainly hold the attention of the viewer. After viewing the section on plants, my high school daughter eagerly requested the next DVD and even began reading plant life books on her own time! The DVDs are very well done, incorporating beautiful scenery, consistent narration, and background music…My family really enjoyed Biology 101. The course is very complete and offers more than enough information for a high school level biology course. I eagerly await additional courses from Westfield Studios as they have proven to our family that they do excellent work while standing firm on the Word of God.

Donna Campos, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

From the very first frame, we knew we had a "Grand Prize Winner" !!! I only wish I (mom) had been taught Biology this way! What a privilege it is for our children to learn “according to the Word of God.”; It makes the Bible so very real to them when they realize that there truly is "nothing new under the sun" …God DESIGNED it that way from the very beginning. By giving them DIRECT LINKS from God's Word to Biology, (what, you mean Biology is in the Bible?) they realize that every aspect of our lives is and should be anchored by the Word of God.

K Taylor, Texas

I am 12 years old. Your biology program is so clear and easy to understand! I finished the first disc, and already I've learned so much. This is my favorite way to learn. Thank you again for your great biology dvd program.


Thank you for this series. You are helping me provide my children with a much better biology education than I could ever give them, because you make it so easy to understand. Thanks. I really hope you plan on producing more series on other subjects. May God richly bless you and your family.


Your Biology 101 is outstanding! I like the extra reading you encourage in the Course Accreditation Program…Thank you for making Biology simpler and so glorifying to God!


I'm excited and thrilled by what I saw [in Biology 101]! Excellently done! I will spread the word about you to everyone I know. This is the quality of a PBS special, only teaching THE TRUTH! May God bless you and your family richly for your time and effort!

LM Williamsburg, MI

What a wonderful course, very instructive, easy to follow, excellent communication. Information easily absorbed and retained. Thanks. Daughter AND son loved riveting presentation, eagerly anticipating more.................PLEASE!


We have watched and enjoyed the Biology series about 10 times in the past three months. Everyone from my two-year old to my fifteen year-old has enjoyed it.


I purchased Biology 101. The program is great! Everything I expected and more... I can hardly wait for your next 101.

BW, Shawnee, KS

My 9 year old son asked to watch the Biology 101 DVD -- 'just for fun', he said. About every 20 seconds either one of them(ages 9 and 6) would run breathlessly into the kitchen with some absolutely fascinating fact they just HAD to share, or try to drag me out there to see something! I'm so glad we made the purchase. It's such a great Biology overview. I showed my Dad (has his masters in Biology) the intro a couple months ago, and he was impressed. Your presentations are done in a simple and effective manner, without the raucous music and frenetic picture-changes and hype that characterize so much of today's media for youth. I would be comfortable letting a child of any age watch, without fear of landing in subjects beyond their maturity. The teaching is done in such a way that my 6 and 8 year olds are tuned in and comprehending quite a lot. (My 6 year old daughter needed a potty break and hollered to me as she ran down the hall, “Don't play it until I get back! This may be for teenagers, Mom, but I'm learning a lot, too!” What a blessing to have them enjoying learning about the wonders of God's creation.

JC, Kamiah, Idaho

The boys are really enjoying [the biology program] and I appreciate that it's being taught in an interesting way. You are a great teacher and film producer.

LS, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

I was thrilled to see things that I had learned in Biology years ago in Public School "come together" for me while watching your DVDs. This was beautifully done!

DC, Bartlesville, OK

Very pleased with Biology 101.


You have truly made an outstanding film (and I consider myself a film critic). I am excited to finally have a science curriculum that I am looking forward to using with my children. Biology 101 is FANTASTIC!!! Bravo!! Superb! I am definitely going to watch these DVD’s with my family. They are truly Biblical, informative, and humorous. They are professional and yet extremely interesting. The sound quality is fabulous. Watching Biology 101 should help me learn much more about science (oh yes, and my children too!) I sure like the down-to-earth vocabulary, spoken “from a layman to the lay people.” As I watched it this evening, I felt as if all of our children would enjoy sitting and watching these DVD’s. They present Godly science in a fun way that is not intimidating. Thank you so much for your labor of love!


I just received Biology 101 and I watched the section on plants with my 12 year old who normally isn't interested in science. We both thought it was fantastic. Her comments were, “…he makes the information make sense.” It is geared to 15 year olds but it would be easily watched by any age. I think it will be a great spring board for biology study. I also think it would be a great asset to Apologia Biology or just to watch by itself. I highly recommend it!

internet comment, MMK, Willamette Valley, Oregon

We just received Biology 101 (ordered from Timberdoodle) and watched the introduction together (kids 15, 13, 11 and 6). We were enthralled and blessed! This is just the type of home teaching supplement we need. Please, as you are able, produce more!


My background is in biochemistry and I have taught biology to homeschoolers for the past six years. This morning I used your video [Biology 101]in a class with learning disabilities. They wanted to watch it again and then watch more!! Thank you for such well presented biblically based material!

L Newberger

We have just started Biology 101 and we think it's great!!! Do you have any more curriculum? Such as chemistry or any other science? Really, you did such a great job with this curriculum, I would probably purchase just about any other subject you would offer!! Let us know. Thanks and God bless you!!

M Black, The Black family

We really like your Biology course. We are using it with our 11, 13, and 15 year old sons. The 6 and 8 year olds don't want to miss one word either! What course are you going to make next? We can't wait for you to develop more science DVD courses from a Christian/creation perspective. Hurry....!!!

R Mundall

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