“Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day.”
—Psalms 25:5

Biology 101 Production Crew - 2005

Wes Olson

When Wes completed the script in 2005, Biology 101 was produced by the Westfield Studios three-man production crew. Wes was the on-camera talent, so the positions of camera operator, lighting, continuity, sound, music, script coordinator, and a dozen others were ably handled by his two sons. Once they had all the raw footage, Wes spent months in post production creating graphics and editing the film into the final Biology 101 product.

Lucas Olson

Lucas Olson focused on lighting and sound, and did some of the filming. A self–taught piano player, Lucas was also chosen to direct the music for Biology 101. He used a library of stock music accumulated during Wes’ corporate years and learned Acid Pro®, loop-based music production software from Sony, to compose and score all 4 ½ hours of Biology 101.

Micah Olson

Micah Olson was responsible for the bulk of the camera work, and also did some sound, lighting, makeup, continuity and location scouting. It took about 3 months to shoot Biology 101 on location in the beautiful Northwest.